coming home for good


Over the Thanksgiving week I made a quick jaunt back to Singapore. Okay, fine, 19 hours on a plane is far from quick, but I traveled back for a week to help P wrap up our life there. I met the movers, sold the stuff we did not want to move back, and argued with customer service representatives. Good times.

My week with P was lovely, but the week there reminded me how hard that country was on my system. When I returned today all I wanted were veggies – no sauces, no crap, no sugar, just real food.

We may have completely skipped out on Thanksgiving foods this year, but I am grateful to have gotten to spend that time with my husband and to know that we will finally be under the same roof once again permanently.


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bioethicist, cultural studies, literature, and visual cultural scholar, writer, and lover of design
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