turning a house into a home

The silence around here means that I have been busy – busy with work, busy with the house, and I spent a good week busily getting ready for P.  Yes, that is right, my darling husband flew all the way from Singapore to visit with me and see our home for four days.  Oh my goodness, I can’t even begin to describe how it felt to see him in the flesh once again.

Seattle by Matte Stephens

Technology is pretty awesome and also kinda strange.  During our time apart – lo these five long months – I have gotten to see P almost every day via Skype.  I wake at 5am and message him and text with him for about 15 minutes before hopping into the shower. After I shower we video chat while I get dressed and ready for work.  So yes, unless he is traveling I get to see P each day.  Given that, I was completely unprepared for just how awestruck I was going to be by the actual three dimensionality of my husband.  It was so amazing to come home from work and see him napping in our bed.

Thankfully he loves the house and the new neighborhood.  I have only been in this place for three weeks so there is still a good bit to do – like hang all of the artwork.  My hammer is in Singapore and soon my love will be returning to our apartment there.  Once again this house will feel rather lonely. But I know that soon he (and my hammer) will be back in Seattle for good.


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