a week in

I have now been in the house for a week and I am loving it.  I guess I had not really realized just how much not having a home and the process of searching for a home were weighing on me until that weight was finally lifted.  The move last weekend was a bit chaotic, but things have come a long way in a week.


Thankfully the second floor no longer looks like this. The table is now up and there are only two remaining boxes on this floor to be unpacked.  And one of the two I can’t unpack until P gets here.  Truly, it is that heavy.  Still, it has been really nice to come home each day and just be in the house.  I find myself wishing for long weekend or vacation just so that I can spend more time here pulling things out of boxes, fixing small things, and just getting used to the place. 

Getting settled has also meant picking up a few new things for the house.  


While in Singapore our old everyday Caphlon pan for cooking eggs bit the dust.  It was old and dying, so P found this great replacement. The 10″ DeBuyer MineralB is no joke.  It is a bit bigger than our old pan, and I have not perfected the seasoning on this pan yet, but I think that once I do, it is going to be a workhorse in the kitchen.

 IMG_2672To go with the pan and also to replace a dying spatula, the GIR spatula is just about perfect. GIR stands for Get It Right, and indeed they did. I have been cooking with it for a week and its unibody construction makes all the difference.  While it is a bit pricey it is built to last.


I also picked up an extra long shower curtain as we have two shower stall bathrooms in need of curtains.  Don’t mind the wrinkles, I will wash it and steam it soon. Right now the curtain is up in our master bathroom. It is totally un-necessary for this bathroom as we have tub and we don’t need coverage all the way to the floor.  Even still, regardless of which bathroom, it is a bit long, but with some hemming (once I dig out the sewing machine) it will be perfect. 


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