working out the kinks

Moving into a house that was once owned by other peoples necessitates changing critical things.  It means changing alarm codes, garage codes, and locks.  Thankfully the owners left the manuals for most things.  However, the manuals weren’t much help.  Youtube was the lifesaver today.

Changing the codes on everything actually went very smoothly.  The garage recoding worked well; although it meant recoding all devices.  The alarm recoding was just a bit strange as you are typing in a bunch of numbers and getting little feedback and hoping it all works out.  It did.  Or so I thought until I went to actually leave the house and set the alarm.

When I headed out on a Lowes run – my third Lowes run in the past two days, mind you – I dutifully set the alarm and walked out the front door and locked up.  Yeah, something was not right as before I got to the front gate the alarm was blaring.  Now I know what our system sounds like.  Yes, I would run away from that.

Earlier in the day I simply recoded the master alarm code, so I did not know what was going on.  Three phone calls later I learned that either I or the relator or someone or something changed the programming to allow only 5 second to leave the house before the alarm got triggered.  Lovely.  However, a kind and knowledgable man from Guardian Security took my call and walked me through everything. Truly, he was awesome, kind, helpful, and stayed on the line with me through the whole process.  I am super grateful to have had his help.

Now I am safe in my home.  The unpacking continues, but the place is slowly but surely shaping up.  However before the week is out, I am sure I will be back at Lowes.


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bioethicist, cultural studies, literature, and visual cultural scholar, writer, and lover of design
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