storage no more

Holy Sh*t!!!  We have a house!!!

Friday night when I received the keys from our amazing relators, I was giddy beyond all imagination. So that night I borrowed a blanket and a pillow and camped out on the floor of our master bedroom.  I actually had a decent night sleep on the floor, which was good as on Saturday morning I had to go meet the movers to have everything pulled out of storage and brought to the new place.


Let me say a few words about our storage place:  I love Stor House!  This facility  where our belongings have been residing for more than a year now is awesome.  While I certainly won’t miss paying our storage bill each month (although, really, it was not that bad), the storage facility has been beyond my expectations of what a storage place should be – it is impeccably clean, it is staffed with super nice people, security is top notch, the climate control is great, they have trucks for us to use for free, and they always have the best 80s music playing in there.

As P is still overseas and I am doing this move on my own, I hired movers.  When we were moving overseas, we (with the help of a few good friends) managed to load everything into storage, and I must say that P did one heck of a packaging-engineering job with that 10×10 unit.  He packed that place to the top.


Why yes, that is a sofa on its side – actually there are two there. And on the top of those…. three book cases and a dozen pieces of artwork.  No, I am not kidding.  Also, behind the sofas I found 5 cases of motor oil. I had totally forgotten P had those and placed them in storage!


Two mattresses and a topper on top of the dining room table. Sure! Why not!?! Also there was a dresser on top of the mattresses.

IMG_2731Hello, artwork!  Oh how I have missed all of you!

So yes, I am in the house.  It is a moderate disaster of unpacking at present, but I am working through it.  I am also learning about the quirks of the house and what projects will be in store for me/us in the coming weeks and months.


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