christmahanakwanza in October

My excitement about moving into the new house continues to build. I stayed extra late at the office tonight to get work done so that I will have nothing on my plate for the weekend aside from moving into the new place and getting settled.

Saturday is going to feel like the biggest Christmas ever.  On Saturday all of our stuff comes out of storage and gets moved into our house.  I am truly overjoyed.  I know that come Saturday I will feel overwhelmed with the chaos, but for now I am enjoying the pre-move giddiness.  P and I packed that storage unit to the brim about a year and a half ago. We took only the bare necessities with us to Singapore, and since moving back to Seattle in May, I have been living out of the two suitcases that made the flight with me.

It will be interesting to see where all of our items fit in the new space.  However, knowing that we will need a few new things for the space (hello 3.5 bathrooms!) I have been taking my time enjoying some online browsing.  The other night I came across a lovely shower curtain for one of our bathrooms.  I love it, but there is no way I am spending the kind of money that a Thomas Paul shower curtain goes for.  Nope. Not going to happen.

Still, it is lovely and a girl can dream.

I am really excited about sharing the process of moving into this house, discovering all of our stuff once again, and making it into a home.  It is going to be a long and slow process, but a very exciting one.


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