lunch culture

With starting to work again next week, I am back to thinking about packing lunches for work.  In Singapore, lunch is a thing.  You go out for lunch.  You take at least an hour for lunch.  Lunch is sacred.  Lunch is your break in the day to socialize and reboot.  The lunch culture there was something that I had trouble adapting to.  And while that time did allow me to get to know my coworkers, there was no way I was buying my lunch from the hawker centers or canteens.

Yes, this may seem a bit fussy of me, but I like eating real, whole, healthy food. I like my fresh vegetables and properly cooked meat un-marred by MSG laden sauces. I love fresh vegetables and fruit. P would make fun of me when he would find me eating steamed broccoli for breakfast.  Yes, broccoli for breakfast!  Goodness I love that stuff.

We did not bring all that much with us when we moved to Singapore, but we did bring our trusty Glasslock food storage containers.  Hands down the best Costco purchase I have made.  Seriously, I should have purchased two sets.  While I love the Glasslock storage containers, they are heavy.  I dutifully carried one to and from work in my purse each day packed with my lunch, but now that I am back and all of my Glasslock containers remain in Singapore, I thought I would pick up something a bit lighter and equally food and self-safe for my lunches.

I bought this container by Onyx when I first moved back.  It has been my only bowl for all of my meals, and it has been working very well for me.  It seals well and is super light weight while also being built to last.  Love it.

Onyx stainless steel double-walled container

When at work this week I learned that they do provide lunch. I had a few questions.  So it sounds like most of the stuff they serve I can’t eat, but I hear that they do have a really good salad bar.  If that is the case then I can just pack some precooked chicken, some olives or an avocado and I should be good to go.

Kids Konserve lunch set

Ages ago I came across the Kids Konserve containers, but did not think much of them.  Hearing about the lunch offerings and what I will need to bring to supplement, these now seem like they are perfect.

Both the Onyx and the Kids Konserve are a bit on the pricey side, but given their daily use (actually, thrice daily use for the big one) I think they will definitely be worth it.


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