walking to work

In the morning I take the bus to work.  It is a fairly straight shot from where we live to my office – although the bus drops me off a good distance from the office.  I’ve come to appreciate the walk in the mornings.  Often it is at that point – the transition from bus to walk – that I will stop listening to NPR streaming from a far away station back in the US or turn off whatever podcast I have been listening to and put on some music to help me set the tone for the day.

I walk past a bunch of shops.  Few of them are open at this point in the day.  There is a really good bakery a block over, but I don’t head in that direction.  I listen to the music and march forward.

The overpass serves as a great refuge from the rain and the sun as I make my way closer to the office.

We all gather at various positions beneath the overpass impatiently waiting for the traffic light to turn.  It always interests me to see where people stand.  How close or far from the curb.  How much sunlight they are willing to tolerate and for how long in this tropical place.

Finally we are able to cross and the woman pulls out her umbrella to shield her from the morning sun.  We cross the street and she turns one way and I another.  I trudge up the hill to my office.  She is lost to the crowd.


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