progress, the bedroom: we aren’t in college any more

Yesterday, our delivery from Ikea arrived.  I can not tell you how terribly impatient I was all morning long as I suffered through the whole 10am-2pm delivery window because, of course, Ikea did not arrive with our purchases until after 2pm.  I should have learned by now.

As our place is only 624sqft, we weren’t in need of all that much stuff, especially because we had shipped some furniture items from the States.  But, we were in desperate need  of a bed.  The last two and a half weeks have felt like we were in college again: sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

For the record, my mattress in college was never on the floor.  In fact, I am pretty sure it was always on the tallest setting that those dorm room beds provided.  I can’t vouch for partner on this front other than for his room during our freshman year at Oberlin as he lived down the hall from me.  Yes, I am married to a man I met on our first day of freshman orientation at college.  I still remember what his room was like all those years ago.  In college, however, I was dating someone else — Partner and I did not start dating until more than a decade after we graduated from college — and his mattress in his first off-campus apartment was definitely on the floor!

With the arrival of our Ikea delivery,  I was not only  looking forward to sleeping a few feet off the ground once again, but really, I was most looking forward to all of the additional storage space having our bed a few feet off the ground would give us.

I had glanced through the pdf of the assembly instructions before the bed arrived and it did not seem too complicated, so I figured I would try to tackle assembling the queen size bedframe all by myself.  Thankfully, it turned out to be even easier than I thought.  Otherwise I am sure Partner would gotten home from work last night to remind me of the time I managed to seriously gash my back on the banister in our Seattle house the time that I tried to move a flat-packed Expedit up to our third floor office alone, or what happened to my arm when I tried to clean my favorite 1970s vintage metal fan, or any other of a number of things on his ever growing list of things I tried to tackle on my own which I really should not have done.

We went to Ikea last weekend to pick out the bed together.  Admittedly, the Leirvik is not our taste, but we are only going to have it for a few years while we are living in Singapore.  Plus, for S$119 you really could not beat the price.

The bed is really quite solid. I am impressed with how well easily assembled and that it has no wiggle or wobble to it whatsoever.  Nice work, Ikea!  The Leirvik is a quality product.

In the store I was really not a fan of the white, and so I briefly mentioned something about spray painting it.  Yeah…. let just say that Partner quickly squashed that impulse of mine.  Living the high-rise life means that I am going to have to curb my creative, design, and DIY tendencies for a few years. Or, I will just need to limit my creative impulses to the organic veggie gardening happening on the balcony.  We will see how that goes.

One of the reasons I was not a fan of the white of the Leirvik bed frame has to do with the fact that I really did not want to bring anymore white into the great white box.  But upon assembling it, I was surprised with how well the bed works in the room.

I find the bed to be a bit on the girly side for my tastes, but the white tones it down and it really helps the bed to blend into the already white room.  The bed does not feel like it is making a statement in there because fades into the white walls and floor.  In a way it feels like the bed is just adding some texture to the room rather than screaming “I am a super girly bed.”  Note, my husband has fewer issues with the girly-ness of the bed than I do because he is awesome like that.

As I was putting together the Leirvik, I found myself thinking a lot about the transformations that John and Sherry have gone through with their own Ikea bed on Young House Love.  While they are working to make their bedframe stand out more, I am  just pleased with how well ours adds some texture to the room.

Once the bed was assembled and the mattress was happily perched on it a few feet above where it had previously been lain, I got to dive into our still packed bedding and finally properly make up the bed for us.   In celebration of having a bed and having assembled it on my own, I dressed our bed in our most colorful and celebratory bedding.  Plus, I figured that the great white box could use a major pop of color.



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4 Responses to progress, the bedroom: we aren’t in college any more

  1. That bedspread is gorgeous! I am considering getting this bed frame. Right now it’s only $99 in the states. How much space would you say is underneath the bed (height wise)?

    • Rachel says:

      The bed frame is okay. It has held up well. There is space underneath, but not a ton. You can fit under-the-bed boxes beneath it, but you can’t stack them. Hope that information helps. And thank you for the compliment on the bedspread. I love it too, but it has proven too hot for life in Singapore.

      • janea says:

        Thanks for your reply! It helps a lot. Too bad about the bedspread. I’m so tacky I’d probably pin it up behind the bed like a tapestry haha. Thanks again.

  2. laura says:

    I painted my leirvik a soft blue and i love it

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