workin’ it

Our pool and the view from our balcony

So, if all of my other posts about our apartment have not made it clear yet, I really, really like our new place.  We are still settling in.  As this place is quite small compared to our previous home, it is taking some time to get fully settled as creativity with organization is key to maximizing our space.  Also, we are still lacking a few pieces of furniture — furniture pieces which will help me to hide some items which are still looking for a place to be stored — an issue which I hope to remedy this week.

One thing that I have managed to settle into thus far is a decent workout routine.  Talk about not having an excuse to not be working out – the pool is practically right outside our window.  And while I have previously expounded on my dislike of swimming because I hate getting water in my ears, I still have no excuse not to get in a good workout because the gym is practically spitting distance from our balcony — that is, if I was really good at spitting, which I am not.

Our gym here is amazing!!!  Once I am in a routine, I have always enjoyed working out – yes, I know, I am a bit sick like that – but the simple, refined, elegance of this space makes it all the more enjoyable.  I will admit that it took me a moment or so to get back into working out, but thankfully Partner kicked me in the butt once or twice.  I am certainly a much happer person when I make that time for myself.

While running on the treadmill, I can keep an eye on our place.

In truth, the gym here is not all that big.  But, size really does not matter.  Three treadmills seems to be plenty for our building.  So far, it has not been crowded in the gym.  I think that during the times I have been working out there have been at most three other people in there.  Most of the time when I go to workout I am the only one in there.  Although this morning it did get a bit crowded around the free weights.

In the early mornings when I am half awake and lifting — yes, I know, probably not the smartest things — I still sometimes confuse myself with my pounds to kilograms conversions.  Also, the treadmills here, as opposed to the ones in the corporate apartment, are in kilometers rather than miles, so that threw me for a loop at first.

I am still a bit afraid of running outside Singapore.  No, I don’t have fears about personal safely or finding a decent running route; rather, I am totally afraid of the sun – sunburn, passing out from heat-exhaustion, or just simply dissolving into a puddle of sweat and sunblock-goo.  Partner has already gotten back into the saddle as he did a 40-mile bike ride this past weekend and a 20-mile ride the weekend before.  He rocks!  He really does.  I greatly respect his dedication to cycling, especially in this climate.  I have no desire to bike as far and as hard as he does, but I will be the first and the last person out there cheering him on.

Me, well, I am a wimp about the sun.  I have wanted to get back on my bike and ride here, and at some point I will, but like with running, what keeps me gym-bound for now is the sun.  The sun here is seriously strong and I burn badly. Thankfully we have an amazing gym which keeps me out of the sun.  And thankfully we have my mom back State-side to send me more sunblock!


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