our household goods arrived…

… and for the time being the apartment is a total disaster.

I have about half of the kitchen unpacked, and right now I am not sure where everything is going to fit.  Even though we seriously paired down before the move and placed the majority of our belongings into storage, I guess I misjudged how much kitchen stuff we really had.  Such misjudgments seem to go hand-in-hand with  moving from a 2000 sqft house to a 624 sqft apartment.

Nevertheless, we are both so happy  that everything arrived today and that the movers were able to get it into our place given all of the drama with the broken service lift.

Even though the apartment is a total disaster right now, it is so nice to be surrounded by our belongings once again.


About OneGoneTwo

bioethicist, cultural studies, literature, and visual cultural scholar, writer, and lover of design
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