house hunting international – part iv or reflecting on home

We have an address.  We have applied for our utilities.  We have a signed and counter signed Letter of Intent (LOI).  We have paid our LOI deposit.  We have a signed Tenancy Agreement.  We have even paid the stamping fee.  We have been told our utilities will be turned on in our apartment on Friday.  Yet, it still may not be our apartment.

We are close, so very, very close to having an apartment – an amazing apartment with a great kitchen, a beautiful view, and new Miele appliances (swoon).  And yet, we aren’t quite there.  Further banking hiccoughs ensued last week, which had me on the phone at all hours of the day and night to our banks in the U.S. and our bank in Singapore cursing like a sailor while on hold.  These banking hiccoughs and headaches are why everything may fall apart.

Next Wednesday is the day that we shall be booted from corporate housing. Next Wednesday we will either move into our apartment or into a hotel.  Next Wednesday will also mark the one year anniversary of my move from Ohio to Seattle – one-year since the life of this writer went from one to two, since my life went from being all about me to being about Partner and me.  It has been a wild ride this past year.

I can’t believe that it has only been a year because we crammed so much into this year. There was so much change.  I said good-bye to a beautiful apartment in an old Victorian mansion in Columbus,OH that had been my home for three years.

My lovely living room in Columbus

I painted my bedroom during spring break my first year in the apartment. The paint color was Benjamin Moore’s Frivolous

I said hello to Partner’s wonderful house in Seattle, WA and experienced it slowly become our home as my belongings arrived, as we ventured to antique stores together and scoured craigslist to find additional items, and as we bought more bookshelves so that I could unpack my books and truly feel at home.

I really came to love our place.

Our second floor was one big, open great-room with a fantastic kitchen

I remember how much adding that rug and the mirror above the fireplace changed the feeling of that room

I loved how well the shower curtain worked in this photo of our master bathroom

This room is totally staged for the photo because how could you not position the bed and chairs to look out on that incredible skyline!?!?!

Before we knew that we were moving, I tore out the whole mid-section of the backyard in preparation for building a raised bed.  Thankfully the gardener our relator recommended was able to mulch over everything and get the yard picture-perfect in time for the house hitting the market.

I am so glad that I got copies of the professional photos that we had done of our home in Seattle.  Our relator set up the photo-shoot before our place hit the market.  We worked tirelessly that week in getting the house ready.  Even though the house looks totally staged in the photos, I can still tell that it was our place, that it was infused with our individual aesthetics and marked the beginning of us developing our style.

Right now I’ve gotten to the point that I can’t even fully recall what household items we sent with the movers, what will hopefully be arriving soon in this much hoped for apartment, what is in storage, what we got rid of.  We did not pack and ship much with the movers, but then there are moments when I fear that I packed too much or the wrong things.

When I can’t sleep at night, like last night or Sunday night, I lay awake and mentally play around with the placement of furniture in the new place.  I wonder about where we will place the dresser – will it fit in the bedroom? might it be of greater use to us in the entryway because of the built-ins in the closet?  I worry about the lack of storage in the 624 sqft space – where will I be able to hide all of the files?  why did I bring all of those files?!?!!?

Right now the thinking and worrying are of no use.  All of this will get sorted out by this time next week.  I have done all that I can do for now.  While I may have one last trick up my sleeve, even that might not work. Still, I tire of limbo and just can’t wait to move into our next place and begin transforming it into our home — even if it is just our home for a little while.


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