singapore style — another job interview outfit

Today I am off to another job interview.  So far, I have one this week and one next week.  Hopefully a few other places will get back to me and I will schedule a few more interviews.  Or, maybe one of the interviews that I have already scheduled will go really well and the place will be a great fit for me.  Regardless, I am really excited.

While I am super excited for today’s interview and the one next week, I am still living out of my suit cases and living with my terrible packing choices – in terms of shoes.  Shoes remain the limiting factor will all interview outfits.

My interview today is with a place that is on the more casual side, so I am not too worried about being super dressed up or wearing a suit or a suit jacket.  Still, I want to look professional and poised.

Banana Republic Slim Fit Ankel Pant


JJill Airy Ribbed Knit Tank

I started with my classic Banana Republic Slim Fit Ankel Pants and paired the pants with a lovely oatmeal colored knit tank from JJill.  I needed a neutral to go with the black as I am stuck with the evil sandals which are still trying to kill my feet until our movers arrive with the rest of our stuff from the States.

I decided to belt the sweater to define the waist a bit more.  Belting it with a brown belt also allowed me to bring in a bit more color to tie in the sandals better.


I am still working on accessories for this interview outfit and a topper.  I will probably go with a black or brown topper.

I love, love, love this necklace, and I am a big fan of wearing one statement piece to an interview, but I think this necklace may be too much for the occasion.

I love Orla Kiely’s prints

Instead I may just use a bag as a statement piece for the interview.  The poppy-red of the leaves brings a great pop of color to the otherwise neutral outfit.



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