Dear Starbucks,

You’ve failed me.

Starbucks, you have always been a beacon in the night… and the early morning hours and middays as well.  Whenever I have needed a restroom, you have been there.  Sometimes your restrooms have not been all that clean, and sometimes your restroom doors have been locked and required that I ask some surly barista for a key….  Nevertheless, you were there for me.

My dearest Starbucks, whenever I have needed an iced or hot Venti Skim Chai, you’ve been there.  Years ago, when you changed from serving Oregon Chai to that second-rate Tazo Tea Chai, I grudging accepted an inferior chai when no other cafes with suitable chai could be found.

Whenever I have needed wireless internet, Starbucks, you have been there for me.  From airports, to conference hotels, to hospitals, to neighborhoods of new apartments when my internet was not yet installed, your wireless internet always buoyed me through.  I appreciated how consistently you and your wireless internet were there for me, that I repeatedly purchased inferior Venti Skim Chai Teas.

But here in this new country, Starbucks, you give me no internet, no bathrooms, and no chai.  If it weren’t for your air conditioning, I would be breaking up with you.


About OneGoneTwo

bioethicist, cultural studies, literature, and visual cultural scholar, writer, and lover of design
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