sexy in singapore!

I am someone who really likes working out.  I know, I am sick like that.  But I like pushing my body;  whether running or lifting or going to a Barre3 class, I like seeing what my body is capable of beyond what I think I am capable of.

With my move to Seattle almost a year ago, the pressures of completing the dissertation, learning how to live with someone and be in a relationship with that person (while completing the dissertation), and networking my ass off (while completing the dissertation), working out – in the way that I was used to working out – kinda fell off the radar.  When I lived in Columbus, Ohio and I was living life as a solo-Ph.D. student, then Ph.D. candidate, I would get up at 5:15am and bike up to the OSU gym, the RPAC – in the rain, sleet, or snow – to get there and hang out with my little old guys (retired or near retiring professors) before the gym opened at 5:45am.  When I got to Seattle, there were times when I was not working out at all and there were times when I was only managing to fit in two or three Barre3 classes a week.  I certainly was not out of shape, but I was not as in shape as I like to be.

One of my priorities in the move to Singapore was getting back in shape, looking fantastic naked, and getting back into running and lifting as I do enjoy the quiet, alone time those activities bring me.  However, trust me, if someone opened a Barre3 Studio in the Orchard area I would be there to open the studio a few mornings a week and set up the place,  just as I did when we lived in Seattle – I really did enjoy the camaraderie of the Barre3 classes, how much a Barre3 class would kick my ass, and I miss the amazing instructors.

For as much as getting in better shape is a priority, finding an apartment with a gym in Singapore was not a must have/deal breaker on my list of desired amenities, but it was definitely in the second tier.  Soon after moving here (all of less than three weeks ago) I realized that having a gym was not a total deal breaker for me because each time I step outside here I feel like I should be running.  As in, I am already sweating when I walk out the door, so my body feels gross in that I-must-be-working-out-for-I-am-sweating kinda way.  Normally, I am not someone who sweats much.  The only time that I sweat all over is when I am working out.  So, if just by walking out of the door I am sweating all over, then sure, fine, I should just be going for a run — at least this is my body’s logic.

Here at the corporate apartment we have a pretty decent gym.  It is not huge, but it has good machines and solid amenities — after viewing 23 apartments and about 15 different apartment buildings, I think I have a decent sense of the range of gyms that exist in apartment buildings in Singapore.  Our current one is pretty decent.

a few cardio machines, but high-end ones

Here’s the thing that some how did not occur to me when I thought about the move and working out here – different units of measurement.  Crap, all of a sudden I am standing at the weight rack wondering what I should be grabbing and how many pounds are in a kilogram???? Different units of measurement occurred to me in things like driving and cooking but not working out.

1 kg = 2.2 pounds

I am not a big fan of swimming as a form of exercise, but I may have to reconsider my stance on swimming.  I HATE getting water in my ears, eyes, and nose.  I just HATE it!  The degree to which I loathe getting water in my ears is what has kept me from ever doing a triathlon.  I can do the biking and running just fine thankyouverymuch, but water – ick!

Our pool at the corporate apartment

But there are pools everywhere in Singapore.  Every apartment building I visited had one pool – sometimes two.  So maybe with some goggles, ear plugs, nose plugs, and a swim cap or a giant bubble around my head I could consider taking up swimming.  It is suppose to be awesome for the body and muscles and joints or whatever.  At least if I swim, I should not have to convert any measurements.


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