tasting singapore – dreaming of dessert

Desserts in Singapore suck.  Seriously, cookies, cakes, brownies, cup cakes, and ice cream — all of them — they are just awful.  The desserts look fantastic, but they are lacking in flavor.

I am not entirely sure why all-things-sweet here are bland, unflavorful, and meh.  I know that the high degree of lactose intolerance among Asians accounts for the lack of dairy products in Singapore, and the fact that there is no physical dairy in this country at all.  I don’t even know if there are dairy cows on this island.

The lack of milk, cream, and butter accounts for a part of the shallow depth of the flavor profile of desserts, but the lack of sweetness still baffles me.  I’ve encountered at least a dozen different types of sugar in this country so far — palm sugar, pineapple sugar, date sugar, black sugar, red sugar, etc. — so I have trouble fathoming why dessert-treats here are not sweet.

Again, things here can be made to look AMAZING.  Truly, some desserts are works of art, but they just don’t taste like much.

Before leaving the US, I did pack our insanely expensive cake pans that Partner purchased a few months back to replace his old silicone cake pans, and I did purchase and pack popsicle molds.  Both of those items along with the hand mixer, cookie, sheet, and silpat will be arriving sometime in June, so soon I will get to know if it is the case that the available ingredients here are not up to par or if the lack of flavor and sweetness in desserts is palate preference of the region.

I am also now seriously contemplating an ice cream maker.  I love ice cream, and I love good ice cream.  I can’t justify spending $13 for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s in Singapore.  Now, if it were Jeni’s Ice Cream…. well,  her’s are in a whole other league of ice creams and I would happily spent $13 on a pint – heck, that is what a pint cost me back in the states.  I may have to consider purchasing a copy of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams At Home if I break down and buy an ice cream maker because Jeni’s ice cream is the best I’ve ever had.  Even just writing about it now and I am practically drooling on my keyboard thinking about an Orchid Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich from Jeni’s

Ugandan Vanilla Bean ice cream and black currant jam between two French macaroons cookies — there is nothing more delicious!

Okay, writing about all of this has made hungry and want dessert!!!  This is just so depressing because I know that whatever I find will just continue to disappoint.


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2 Responses to tasting singapore – dreaming of dessert

  1. AM says:

    You need to introduce yourself to DURIAN! Don’t believe all the stories. Great in many desserts.

    • onegonetwo says:

      I’ve wanted to try it, but I’ll admit that I am scared. Perhaps I shall have to go somewhere where all durian related activities other than eating it are managed by someone other than me.

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