exploring singapore – a weekend in little india

I can’t believe that we have been here for two weeks already.  In that time we’ve been pretty busy with settling into our temporary place, finding a routine, trying to find a permanent place, and adjusting to the insanely warm weather in Singapore.  Okay, that last one is mostly me.  Save for nights when Partner comes home from his walk from the bus stop all sweaty and gross he seems to like the heat.  I, on the other hand, happen to be miserable when it gets much above 80*F, which is every day here.

Last week was really busy for me with all of the final revisions to the dissertation, but after I submitted it, we went out into the heat of this country to check out a bit more of it.

Tekka Center is one of the major wet markets in Singapore.  It is the one at the heart of Little India.  We went mostly to explore the market, but I know that it also includes an eating center and other shopping.  The place was packed over the weekend, but we were able to pick up some produce and see the sights.

Mustafa Center is insane.  Someone explained it to me as the store that would result from Costco and Target having a baby.  This person was close to right, but that would have to be one messy and disorganized baby.  Mustafa Center is HUGE.  It spans two or three city blocks, over two buildings connected by a skybridge, and I don’t even know how many floors.  It was an overwhelming experience.

It did, however, have the best prices on some of the stuff we’ve been looking at while here, so I am sure I will venture back there at some point.  I am going to need to time such a trip well because I could get lost in there for days.



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