singapore style — or the last minute, omg, I have a job interview outfit

I feared that a suit would be too formal for today’s interview.  Plus, I don’t have shoes to go with any of my suits, so here’s what I managed to throw together out of the random things that were in my luggage.

A Cotton, Brown, Cropped Swing Jacket — similar-ish to this one — from Banana Republic

Banana Republic Black Wool Trousers

Striped Linen Tank from JJill – super comfy, great look, I would purchase more if I happened to be back in the states.

J-41 Fiji Sandals – the shoes that are trying to kill me!

Wearing wool trousers on a 95*F day was fine so long as I was not walking for blocks on end in the sun.  Inside and on the bus or MRT I was comfortable.  Overall, it was not a total disaster of an outfit.  The interview on the other hand, well, that story is for another time… like when the edits on the dissertation are finished.


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bioethicist, cultural studies, literature, and visual cultural scholar, writer, and lover of design
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