house hunting international – part ii

It was a long weekend of apartment viewings, but we are a few steps closer to securing a place for us to call home for the next two years.

Going into the weekend I had two top contenders from my day of 11 viewings on Thursday.  Both were good – certainly the best of what I had seen in my first outing, but they were quickly blown away by the first place that our relator showed us on Saturday.

The apartment, we shall call it S., was on the 38th floor in a new building in the Orchard Road area.  From that apartment we could see all the way to the ocean.  It was a breathtaking view.  While the view was fantastic, the apartment was even better – well designed, high end appliances, simply appointed, and close to the MRT.  I was completely smitten with S.  It was on the high side of our budget, but it came furnished, so that was workable.

After seeing S. we went to see multiple units in the two buildings I had taken away from my Thursday tour.  Some units were better than others, but we came away from those showings even more smitten with S., so Partner and I asked our relator to contact the owner’s agent to arrange another viewing that afternoon and begin the Letter of Engagement Process.

Going back to S., I was even more convinced that this was the best place we had seen.  We did not have time during our first visit to see the gym facilities and the pool, but touring those during our second visit only sold us further on the place.

We went back up to the 38th floor to inspect the unit again and talk with the agent.  Here is where it all came apart.  There was some confusion about which unit she was showing to us and the listing price.  Turned out the one she was showing us was $1000 more per month than we had been quoted.  That was that, so we walked out.

Both Partner and I were pretty crestfallen.  Our relator apologized profusely, but there was no need.  We weren’t upset with him.  He has been great, and has been working doggedly with us to get us into the buildings we like.  We were just disappointed and tired.

After the apartment fell through we stayed in the Orchard Road area and wandered around a bit.  Not getting the place hurt all the more once we went into the basement of the adjoining shopping plaza because it had the best grocery store with the most reasonable prices we had seen so far.  That level of convenience – excellent grocery shopping in my own basement – made me want to be in that building all the more.

Our relator could feel our disappointment and level of exhaustion – at the end of Saturday I had seen 19 apartments total.   He worked hard that night and found us a few more units in S. close to our price point.  We saw an additional three on Sunday and I saw three more on Monday.  We’ve narrowed it down to the one we want.  Hopefully things will come together because I really don’t know how many more long days of apartment viewings I do.


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