house hunting international

I love looking at apartments and homes.  This, thankfully, is something Partner and I have in common.  Many evenings I would find him perusing Redfin just to see what was on the market, what homes were going for in various areas, and checking out spots we might like to live in at some future point.  Finding a permanent place for us to live has been priority #1 since even before we arrived in Singapore.  Yesterday, however, was my first opportunity to go apartment hunting, and our relator seriously wore me out.

Out of 11 back to back showings I came away with two good prospective places that I am hoping to tour again with Partner this weekend.  Seeing so many places and having an excellent relator – both taught me a great deal about how life is lived in Singapore.

Our two contenders thus far are on the small size.  The first is 581 sqft.  The second is 770 sqft. The first has an amazing view as it is on the 19th floor.  The second is on a much lower floor and has no real view as the balcony is surrounded by lush greenery.  Both apartments have full kitchens.  This is actually a pretty big deal as many places I saw did not have ovens. The second one actually has a dishwasher.  It was the only one out of 11 that had a dishwasher.  The pools at both of these places are over-the-top outrageous.

These two apartments plus many other ones I saw yesterday put us close to MRT stations (Singapore’s subway system), which would be great.  The busses here are excellent, they run regularly, they are clean, and, thankfully, they are fully airconditioned, but right now Partner’s commute is about an hour each way – factors of distance and heavy traffic.  I know that he is fine with it, but we would both enjoy more time in the evenings together.  Living closer to the Central Business District (CBD) and traveling by MRT would give us more of an evening together.

Tomorrow we are heading out to see those two and possibly a few more.  Hopefully we will be able to take some pictures to show off some of these places.  Heck, hopefully we will find a place to call home.



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