tired of living in 1990

Until we go visit the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on Friday we can’t really do much in terms of setting up our lives. MOM regulates everything with respect to our visas, employment passes, national identity cards, etc. Without a visit to MOM and MOM’s approval we can’t rent an apartment, get a cellphone service contract, open a bank account etc.  The acronym seems rather fitting.  Still, because of the ways in which we are currently restricted it is a little like living in 1990.

Another aspect of this 1990s life which I tried to remedy yesterday has been the lack of wireless internet.  Yes, I know, first world problems, but when you have two people who are pretty tied to their work and work means being online, a single short blue cable tethering one of us to the desk in the bedroom does not quite cut it.  Also, one of likes to get up early and the light of the computer in the bedroom and rapid typing just might wake the other…. wireless internet might just be a marriage saver.

Although we aren’t in a permanent home yet, we were going to need to purchase a wireless router at some point, so in my adventures in and around Orchard Road’s shopping mecca, I figured I would be able to pick up a router and make life and work a little easier on Partner and myself.  Before heading out I did some research on CNET about the best wireless routers currently on the market so that I could enter some foreign electronics store with a clear picture of what I wanted to purchase.  Finding what I wanted was actually pretty easy when I got into the store, so I paid too much money for it (everything here just costs more), and took it back to the corporate apartment to set it up.

Why oh why do you my brand-new router not work????  The power light is not even coming on.  Sigh.  Normally if we were back in Seattle, I would be irritated, but I would just package it back up and and ship it back to Amazon.  Here in Singapore however, returning this item is going to be a bit of a headache.  Partner forewarned me that businesses in Singapore don’t really do exchanges, returns, or refunds.  I was careful in selecting where I purchased the router from for just this very reason, but even still I sense it is going to be a headache and I am just going to be that annoying Westerner.  Good times.

Hopefully we will have a working wireless router soon, thus brining us one step closer to living in the 21st century again.  Friday we have an appointment with MOM, so who knows, we might even have phones again by the weekend.


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