taking on the organic scene… or lack thereof

I spent today exploring the Orchard Road, Orchard Boulevard, and Tanglin Road area.  Orchard Road is suppose to be THE place for shopping in Singapore, but I was not really up for venturing in and out of all of the designer stores — really I am rarely up for that.  Partner and I are still trying to figure out where to live, so I headed out to this area to wander around and check a few things out to determine whether or not this is really a place we want to consider.

The Orchard Road area is a location we tentatively settled upon because it has two organic grocery stores.  This is pretty big when you consider that there are like five organic-ish grocery stores in all of Singapore.  Food here on this tiny island is insanely expensive as everything has to be brought into this country from somewhere else.  For as lush and green as this place happens to be, pretty much none of bountiful greenery is edible and certainly little that is grown here is organically grown.

Singapore does not really seem to be a place that encourages cooking at home.  Food prices at the grocery stores are very high, hawker centers abound (think a bunch of food trucks located inside of buildings with clearly enforced health/sanitary regulations), and the food at various hawker stands is cheap.  But we like cooking and we like having control over what goes into our meals.  Eating good, healthy food is important to the both of us, so being close to the organic grocery stores would be hugely helpful as we don’t and won’t have a car while here.

I checked out the first organic grocery store as the bus dropped me off outside Tanglin Mall. (I still can’t wrap my mind around just how many malls there are in Singapore!!!) Brown Rice Paradise has a pretty good selection of dry goods as well as personal and household products.  I was itching to get to Supernature as it was reported as having a great produce section.  I found it to be pretty meh.  Overall I found Supernature to be more expensive than the other grocery stores I wandered into and more expensive than Brown Rice Paradise.

I am not sure how my discoveries today will shape our apartment search.  Tomorrow I am heading out with a relator to view some places.  It is wonderful that Partner’s company is putting is up in corporate housing for a month, but finding a new home for us will really help us with the adjustment to this new life.


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