…and the puppy comes home, too?

Friday morning I took Partner to have his wisdom teeth extracted.  The oral and maxillofacial surgeon we saw was fantastic and his staff was wonderful, gentle, and caring.  We could not have asked for a better experience in having teeth ripped out of one’s head. Partner came through it with flying colors and without any complications.  This is saying something because he is man who loves his milk, which means that his bones are solid and those teeth took some serious effort to get out.  I am so happy and grateful that all has gone so well so far.

Thursday night we spent sometime preparing for the surgery – i.e. making smoothies.  While I am sure that Partner would say that some pretty cool stuff came into his house when I moved in, by far his favorite new toy has been the blender and with it all of the smoothie making that has gone on since I arrived.

He has become a very creative and talented smoothie maker.  This batch included frozen organic spinach from our Full Circle CSA, organic kiwis and organic pears from the CSA, bee pollen from Honey Run Farm in Williamsport, Ohio, a blend of tropical frozen fruit from Costco, and papaya nectar from Trader Joe’s.

Friday morning we were both a little bit anxious before the surgery.  Thankfully the office staff let me sit with Partner while they were preparing him for surgery. I just wanted to be with him until they put him under.  Having had my own wisdom teeth extracted, I know how very alienating it can feel to be alone in a room with everything going on around you – all of these sounds and being poked and prodded.  Not fun.

He was awesome.  He had lots of questions and the woman who was in with us getting him ready answered everything in detail.  Maybe a bit too much detail, but I think such details made him feel a bit more in control of the experience.  For me, I just hated having to leave the room.  No, I certainly had no desire to hang out in there and watch the whole procedure, but I just hated the fact that I could not be in there to hold his hand.  He was worried about waking up too soon or having bad dreams while under anesthesia – I just wanted to be able to tell him that I would be there with him in case any of that happened.  Sadly, I could not.  So off to the waiting room I went.

The hour went by pretty quickly and once Partner was settled in the recovery room, I got to go keep him company, find out how he did, and get all of the post-op instructions.  He was so cute and so loopy on drugs when I came in.  I could not help but want to hug him and gently kiss his swollen cheeks. He was also rather happy about the stuffed dog sitting on his shoulder.  It was there to keep the icepack propped up against his jaw.  At the time he wished it was a real puppy and then he wanted to take the stuffed puppy home.  He was a bit sad when I told him that he would have to leave the puppy behind.  But I did tell him that we could stop off at the animal shelter on the way home if he really wanted. I figured this was my shot at getting a dog.  Instead he moved onto talk about crayons. Gotta love good anesthesia and painkillers.


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