The snow we have right now is making me so happy.  I know, I know:  I am like one of four people in Seattle who feel that way, but I am a winter-time baby so cut me some slack.

While I am rejoicing in the snow and loving the fact that I am getting to wear my favorite winter boots, I have spring on the brain. Not spring itself, per se — especially as I’ve never been through a Seattle spring before — but spring projects.  Specifically starting a garden.

Last summer when I moved to Seattle I spent the better part of a few days ripping out our yard as I waited for the movers to arrive with my stuff.  Then I spent a few more days in the fall ripping the rest of it out, cleaning everything up, and getting it all ready for winter. Originally I intended on getting in a bit of a garden in last summer, but as overwhelmed as I was with the move, gardening did not happen. This year the garden will happen.  Still, there is a lot that must be done before then.

While we were gone I spent time looking at raised beds and going back through various design blogs to find all of the garden stuff I had run across before and really liked.

Now that we are home I want to concentrate on sketching out and pricing out a raised bed for the yard.  I also want to look into doing a DIY cold-frame.  We have some old wine crates I moved here from my old apartment, and I think one or two of those plus a trip to the Re-Store for an old window, hinges, and other materials and I might be able to pull it together with minimal help or tools beyond our drill.

In addition to the raised bed and cold frame, Partner hung some hooks on our fence so that we can have some hanging-planters of herbs.  I think I may also want some pots of herbs or lettuce on the second-floor balcony for easy access.

Once I have all of the structural things figured out for the garden, then it will be on to planning what we will plant.  I already know that kiwi berries will be on the list!


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bioethicist, cultural studies, literature, and visual cultural scholar, writer, and lover of design
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