Christmas Tree Fashion

I am pretty pleased with how are tree has turned out.  It really is lovely and it makes me smile each time I venture into the living room.  We specifically selected a tree that would smell and make our house smell like a forest or Christmas, but the piny scent is not yet wafting through my home.  I am a bit bummed, but still, I think our tree is pretty darn bas-ass.

I am not one for overly decorated holiday trees.  Actually you could say I am not really one for decorated trees.  A beautiful tree, white lights, elegant stand or tree skirt and I am happy.  It took me years and years to walk my mother back from an overly decorated tree, to one with a few decorations, to one with just lights and bows.  Now, Partner and I have our own damn tree, no established traditions, and no people to please save for ourselves, so simple tree it is!

In truth, however, I got a little rebellious the other day.  When I was at Ikea earlier in the week I came upon these rather interesting looking lights.

Ikea’s Strala – or giant balls – are intended to be outside lights, but I think they look pretty great on our tree right now.

If I had time, I would investigate making a tree skirt, but I just don’t think that is going to happen this year.  We have many more holiday seasons to come, so I am sure I will get around to it at some point.  For now here are a few things I think would compliment my tree, or any holiday tree, very well.


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