Holiday Shopping, Part 1

Having small families and a close knit circle of friends means our list of people to whom we will be sending holiday gifts is small.  This year we decided that we would try to go local with much of our holiday giving.  Our approaches are somewhat different, however.

Partner introduced me to Made in Washington, which I think will have plenty of neat things for some of the people on our lists.  I, on the other hand, have decided I will be venturing out to the Urban Craft Uprising. Why I am doing this to myself I am just not sure.  I hated these things as a kid.  Seriously.  My mother would drag us to the big holiday bazaar at the museum and science center. It was torture.

Let us leave aside for a moment the horrifying notion that I might be turning into my mother and embrace the whole shop local movement and blame that for making me think I can brave what I am sure is an even larger holiday bazaar than what I endured as a kid.  I will fortify myself with brunch and then see what this Urban Craft Uprising is all about.


About OneGoneTwo

bioethicist, cultural studies, literature, and visual cultural scholar, writer, and lover of design
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