Yup, it was crazy

Yesterday morning’s workout was quite something. My throat has not yet forgiven me for running around like a crazy person and jumping around on concrete in 32*F weather. Organized Chaos was good – it was hard, but good.

I am a bit of a perfectionist and a bit competitive, so trying out new things for me is always rough.  I really, really don’t like being bad at things. Was I bad a running around the pond and jumping up and down concrete stairs and doing squats nonstop for an hour? No.  But I was not the best.  I don’t like coming in last and feeling totally uncoordinated.  Plus it really was friggin cold.

This is a decent approximation of what I wore so that I would not completely freeze to death:

Goodness – can you tell that we are a bit addicted to merino wool base layers in our household?  If only Lululemon products came in merino wool, then I would be all set!

So, I am not sure what my plan will be re: working out.  I might go back to Organized Chaos, but I don’t know that my body can deal with the sudden mid-winter transition to outdoor workouts right now. When I lived in New England, I would run outside all winter long and snowboard 3 days a week.  But I could do those things because I had been outside all summer long and throughout the fall.  My body was able to gently-ish transition.  Nope.  No such transition opportunity here.

While I try to figure that out, I will be happy to get myself back to Barre3.


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