Crazy? ….perhaps

I am new to Seattle and this Seattle winter weather – is this in fact winter? But smart me knows that working out outside at 6am when it is 34*F out and there is zero visibility is really stupid.  Smart me seems to be asleep as I am up and dressed and ready to go to Organized Chaos.

I know the instructor of this early morning, frozen madness and she is excellent.  Truly, if I can manage to work one of her Barre3 classes into my schedule, I go to her over most all other instructors.  So when she invited me to join her this week for something different, I said “sure!” – not really thinking or knowing quite what I was getting myself into.  That was probably best now that I think about it. 

Still, I’ve been awake since 2am for various reasons, and I am fairly sure I could not get back to sleep because of the class.  It is a mixture of excitement and fear with a dash of delirium going on over here.  The whole zero visibility thing is not really helping me with the fear part, but I hope it will be awesome once I find my way there.


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bioethicist, cultural studies, literature, and visual cultural scholar, writer, and lover of design
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