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OMG insomnia

For me insomnia hits at least once a month.  It is one of those nights when I wake up at about 3am and despite all of my best efforts I just can’t get back to sleep.  Last night was one … Continue reading

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Learning new tricks

Most of the people in my family are very skilled when it comes to things like knitting and sewing, etc.  No, I am serious, they are super, super skilled.  My aunt is a vendor at many of the craft shows … Continue reading

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Healthful, Nutritious, Low-Calorie, No Sugar Added Vegetable CANDY!!!

I wish. No, really, I do. Chapter 2 of my dissertation was written fueled mostly by 3/4oz Cabot Cheddar Cheese Snack Packs and 1L bottles of Vintage Seltzer.  Both are awesome.  Having a consistent snack is one of those mind … Continue reading

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Desk Of Disarray

The revising must continue….

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Exploring The New – Victrola

I still have trouble with a solid working routine. Some days I am productive at home.  Other days productive looks like doing house-stuff and surfing the web for articles semi-related to what I do.  While that is useful it really … Continue reading

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Winter Blues – SAD Lamp to Happier Self

I don’t like talking about the fact that things get me down – life, the dissertation, the weather, stupid emails from stupid people, that woman who looked at me with such ire in Barre class, etc.  Nothing makes me happier … Continue reading

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Holiday-ish travel and fun with the CDC

After the holidays Partner and I are leaving for a vacation to far-flung places.  I am very excited about our upcoming adventure.  (Yes, I am deliberately being cagey about our destinations, but in time you will know.)  This, however, is … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree Fashion

I am pretty pleased with how are tree has turned out.  It really is lovely and it makes me smile each time I venture into the living room.  We specifically selected a tree that would smell and make our house … Continue reading

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Before & After

This is a little project I’ve been meaning to do for a few years now. I picked up this mid-century modern magazine rack at a garage sale a few years ago for FREE.  Before I had someone in mind when … Continue reading

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My Christmas Tree Has Balls!

Yup, it has big, bright, LED balls. How about yours?

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